How to Stay in Style During Sweater Weather

When the temperature outside drops, sometimes our motivation to take extra time for our appearance does too. Don’t fret yet – All this cold weather really means is that it’s sweater weather! Purple Poppy has the best selection of sweaters to stay warm & stylish in all winter long. 

The Pretty Knit

With sweaters like the Wooden Ships Mini Popcorn Sweater, the beauty is in the details. Sweaters leave the option of different stitching, patterns, & designs so that no sweater in your closet will be exactly alike. This baby blue v-neck with popcorn knit bubbles is perfect for the first snowfall of the year! 

Bell Sleeves

Bell sleeves are a must have this season, and the Two Bees Plaid Cashmere sweater incorporates this & more on-trend touches. The nude color & subtle plaid accents make this the perfect holiday time sweater! 

The Graphic Knit

Graphic knit sweaters are the best casual & comfy winter look, and serve as a great way to express your personality. The Wooden Ships I Love Champagne Sweater will get you and those around you into the holiday spirit this season!

The Cowl Neck

Along with switching up the stitching, sweaters can switch it up with their varying necklines. This Sail to Sable Cowlneck sweater with a feathered hem is a must have to contrast all of your v-necks! 

Two-Toned Detailing

A two-toned sweater is an easy way to add dimension & visual appeal to your outfit without having to deal with layers or accessories. The Lisa Todd Chalet Sweater contrasts grey with white & adds a fringe hemline to put an outfit full of style into one sweater!