The Ultimate Vacation Packing Guide

Packing for a vacation might be the most exciting yet daunting task to ever exist – While your head is spinning with visions of sunshine and salty air, you are also trying to skillfully cram everything you could possibly need for the next week into one suitcase. You have to be careful not to over pack, but also can’t forget so many important items! The biggest question you should be asking yourself when choosing your wardrobe is, what will you actually wear on your vacation? Luckily for you, we’ve made a list of the essentials that should make it into your suitcase before you leave for the airport. 

Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is the ultimate cute-but-comfy ruby yaya dresschoice for a relaxed day by the beach, and it can also be worn after the sun goes down. The thin straps and roomy shape of the Ruby Yaya Dress is perfect for when your skin is feeling a little too crispy from a day in the sun. If you switch your flip flips out for your wedges and add a statement necklace, a maxi dress look can be easily transformed into a dinner outfit.

Flowy Pants

A pair of roomy pants will help you create the  perfect boho beach 

last tango palazzo pants

look to rock on vacation. Flowy pants are another comfortable piece you can wear over your swimsuit on the way home from the beach or walking around downtown for a day of shopping. For the perfect flared & flowy look, check out the Last Tango Palazzo Pants.​


You might think you’ll be sweating for your entire trip to an island destination, but those sea breezes can turn warm days into chilly nights. Pack a neutral colored cardigan that will match more than one outfit on your trip. 


The essential shoes you will need are a pair of wedge heels, and a more comfortable pair of sandals. Wedges are a classic summer look, and aren’t as difficult as pumps to walk in if you end up exploring. Pack a flat, comfortable pair of sandals for days you know you will be walking a lot or getting sandy. To maximize your potential outfit selections, pack shoes in neutral colors that will go with your more statement-like pieces. 

Beach Bag

Nothing ruins your plan for a day at the beach like realizing you forgot your beach bag! A beach bag should be an over the shoulder bag big enough to fit snacks, and sunscreen, and whatever else you will want to have with you for the day. Bonus tip – Use your beach bag as your carry on to save space in your suitcase!